Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Cleaning Spree

OK...so I may have a fabric addiction. I mean, I get these huge boxes of fabric from the vendors- and I just GOTTA save some out for myself....

I mean, I just GOTTA.

But I never have time to sew as BB keeps me pretty busy.

But I still GOTTA have it.

But enough is enough, I did a little spring cleaning tonight and some folks out there are gonna get some hard to find stuff!

Check out Today's Special and get some must-haves that you missed before! I hit my Charm Pack stash pretty hard tonight- but someone very lucky is going to nab two very nearly-impossible-to-find Fat Quarter Bundles- Twiggy and Authentic!  (and I REALLY hated to part with Authentic!) 

These two bundles are in the Fat Quarter Bundles section, rather than the "Today's Special" section.  If you can't find them- they probably already sold!  (They will go QUICK).

Head on over to BB and see the items YOU GOTTA have! (tag...you're it)

And if you are buying CHARM PACKS ONLY!! (and only if you are purchasing 8 or less of them)-AND Pay by CREDIT CARD rather than PayPal I can manually add a Flat Rate envelope charge ($4.95) and you can use "as prior arranged" for shipping.

But to be clear- you must use a credit card (PayPal does not accept charge corrections) and you must purchase 8 or less charms and only charms. (well, you could through in a small pattern if you want- but not a big block of the month one).

Another caveat to that: if you have registered for a BB account, then I can simply add a new charge for the Flat Rate Priority Shipping. If you have NOT registered for a BB account, then I have to add the charge on your existing order- this process requires my CC merchant to reverse your entire charge and post a new corrected one. When that happens, people tell me that it takes up to 4 days to see their reversal/credit to show up on their banking statement- but until then, two charges appear on their statement. If this is an issue for you, please take the time to create an account prior to or during your purchase.

Cheap charms, reduced shipping- EVERYBODY wins- and I just gained and entire shelf!


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