Saturday, April 3, 2010

Something New for You to Love!

I get alot of requests for fabric by the yard.  For reasons both financial and storage, I have always been a little bit reserved about purchasing huge bolts of fabric, but I have decided to start purchasing a few bolts here and there from the upcoming Moda collections.

I mean- you DESERVE the Burgundy Buttons price! $6.80 a yard for those who are involved in the Pre-order,  $7.00-$7.25 for everyone else.

So here's how I have decided it's going to work- I have created a Google Group and will be posting the collections and fabrics that I have determined would be a good fit for a bolt purchase (ie- I would be willing to use the remaining yardage on a bolt that didn't sell).

Starting with my favorite- 12 Days of Christmas! 

So request an invite to our Google Group today- and determine what yardage you would like to purchase from Burgundy Buttons!  (at the bottom of this posting)

Here are the items up for "vote" from this great collection..

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  1. $6.80 a yard!?!?! Leah, this is like Christmas in April! You are awesome my dear!

  2. I hope yardage of Fruitcake joins your shop when it comes out!!! Especially at THAT price!!!

  3. Such a brilliant idea!! This is such a great price, Leah! I hope you get lots of takers on this.

  4. Wonderful. I love the 27028-11 fabric.

  5. I love 27028-11, 27030-11, and 27027-12
    And I also love the green and red 27023's.
    I could be addicted to this line!!
    So excited to hear that you're getting yardage! Thanks so much!