Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What happened to Spring?

It's cold outside!  Where did that  Spring go?  It took so darn long to get here and now it seems to be taking a winter's nap.

Perhaps we can warm things up!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bella Solid Precuts are HERE!!!

And they are WONDERFUL!!  Now you can enjoy the time savings of a Moda precut in a basic Bella Solid color.

Available in White and Snow (Snow is really an ivory) and come in Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls and Charm Packs.

Get yours here today!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mo 'Bout Me Monday

When it comes to the dinner plate, I am not your typical Southern Gal........

because I..

• could not make fried chicken if a hostage situation depended on it
• have yet to find the perfect biscuit recipe
• think fried okra is a slimy disaster
• screw up EVEN the "no fail" pie crust recipe (and yes I know everything should be cold)
• feel that bacon was not meant to be a condiment
• won't eat anything soggy
• believe strawberries RUIN the shortcake (separate bowl required)
• like my cornbread SWEET (peppers? really?)
• wonder how drunk the person actually was when she came up with Red Eye Gravy
• detest banana wafer pudding. (it's those soggy cookies...ick)
• ponder how to eat pound cake, seems like I should put butter and jelly on it
• don't know how to can or preserve anything
• wonder why someone would ruin their hot dog with sweet pickle relish, or ruin their perfectly fluffy biscuit with flour gravy.
• GAG at the thought of cole slaw
• in fact- feel that cabbage is one of those things that SHOULD have been destroyed in the flood.
• don't fry anything...ever.
• have never had catfish or even gone fishing.
• am not a fan of pulled pork, or attending parties with a giant pig on a stick roasting on a hill (free WILBUR) And I am from North Carolina!
• don't like tea, sweet or otherwise
• am not exactly sure what is in liver mush- is anybody?
• Wonder who decided to fry fat? Fried fatback? Times must have REALLY been tough!
• refuse to eat grits...or hominy for that matter
• have never eaten a fried bologna sandwich, nor a fried Twinkie nor a fried Oreo.
• cannot tolerate the way meringue feels on my tongue

But to redeem myself:


• use the word "tater"
• do love biscuits, fried chicken and tater salad
• Once the pie crust is made, I make some KICK BUTT Chicken Pot Pie!
• LOVE ME SOME shortcake! (said just like a Southerner too!)
• do like my pie! (especially lemon- without the meringue of course)
• Must have gravy on my mashed taters
• Can eat my weight and yours in water melon

Do you know of a pie crust recipe that even I can't screw up?  I'd LOVE the see it!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Make the Cut!

Love to quilt but hate to cut? Now there's a better way to GO! The AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter is a fast, accurate and easy way to cuts up to six layers of fabric in seconds. This revolutionary hand-operated roller system uses AccuQuilt GO! dies to cut perfect pieces every time.

Have you had your eyeball on an AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter but been a little fearful of the price tag?  Let BB help!

Buy an AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter from Burgundy Buttons and not only get FREE SHIPPING, but get a $50.00 BB Store credit!  (Use it to special order any GO! Die cut!, or fabric, or anything else you want!  Free shipping to US only)

And that we are selling more and more fabric by the yard, it make perfect scents!

Share the Burgundy Love and let your friends know about this very special offer!

*To obtain your store credit, you must create a BB Account if you have not done so already.  Credit will be applied once the AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter order and payment is confirmed.  (within 48 hours of purchase)

I swear it's not rigged!

This is just too weird and I PROMISE this isn't rigged!  The winners of the last two prizes have been two gals that I have been working with for BB Guest Blogger Spots.  Feeling like it looked suspicious, I almost asked the Random Number Generator to find another number- but then I thought-"wait, I am an honest person- why should TRACEY miss out on this ruler because I am afraid someone will think something is amiss."

So Mrs TraceyJayQuilts, gal- I am happy to say you are the proud new owner of this awesome ruler!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Is that a birdie on my porch?

Nope!  It was the UPS Man with a box full of Tweet Tweet lovelies.  They are all posted at Burgundy Buttons and ready for purchase!

What's New?

From the maker of Hello Betty.....

from Cloe's Closet 

Chloe’s Closet represents a longing for the past both in color and pattern. Her designs spring from her collection of childhood trinkets and flea market treasures. No one ever would have thought that being a pack rat would inspire a career of fabric design! Her passion for all that is retro brings a flare of playfulness and innocents to every collection she designs.

and from Moda's very own designers.....

Half Moon

All I can say is...WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW and WOW! 
(did I say WOW?)

This is one STRIKING collection.  It's BLACK and WHITE and AMAZING.  Now, this chick has never even thought about making a Black & White quilt before- but I sure am now!  I really think I might use this quilt pattern from my buddy Carly.  I think the contrast between the two color-ways will be breathtaking!  What do you think?

As many have come to realize, I am slowly but surely ordering more and more yardage.  My biggest hold up on yardage was not financial- but more of a time constraint.  I 'Burgundy Button' in the early am and evening, before and after the big Corporate America job.  But as a couple of you know, my first employee will be starting soon- and I am SOOOO grateful!  As there will be time to cut it shall be!

So I just HAD to buy Half Moon yardage too!  It will be here next week!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

May Scentsy Warmer of the Month

Celebrate a teacher in May!  Scentsy's Warmer of the month this month delights in all things educational. 

And for a little extra credit, be sure and check out something related to your favorite instructor's token fruit!  This month's special scent completes this gift with nothing short of a A+!!

What teacher's desk would be complete without his/or her apple?

Get something special at our Scentsy Site today!

Scensy makes the perfect gift for any one with any taste with any decor.

  And remember:  Fabric and Flame Don't Mix!

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day from Burgundy Buttons!  Celebrate with BB today only by saving 10% with promotion code "green" at*

Have you been following Jaybird's Hexagon Quilt Along?  Have you been wanting that AWESOME 60 Degree Double Strip Rule by Creative Grids but been a bit fearful of the price? 


Commit to me, and all your fellow BB readers; just 1 way that you plan to be green in the next year. Leave a comment and tell us what it is. On Saturday, 1 winner will be selected from the comments to win the wonderfully simple ruler.

Don't forget to share the Burgundy Love by sending a link to this blog to a friend!

And just a bit of a side note- thank you everyone who emailed me wondering if I was OK (I could not believe that I received SEVERAL emails) due to my LACK of posting. I am still in shock that people noticed! Indeed that last 2 weeks have been a bit crazy for me at work. (the Corporate America job work- not BB). We have our annual Sarbanes Oxley Audit with Ernst & Young and my position is very responsible for ensuring we pass that audit with flying colors. (and of CORSE we will!).

My prep work for the audit is done and I have completed my first round of E&Y interviews.  So, I will be on my normal blogging schedule for now on! Thank you EVERYONE for checking!

*promotion not valid on previously purchased items, special order items, Scentsy items or items as described in their description.  Only one promotion code valid during check out.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

and the winner is.......

Congratulations to our UCreate Winner!

Erin, of Mama Cubed Creations is the winner of 6 Moda Charm Packs!  Erin, email me right away at to claim your prize!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Win a little something special!

U CreateWe've teamed up with U-create for an awesome giveaway this month!   If you haven't had the opportunity to visit U-Create, hop on over there and check it out.  Very inspiring for when you are suffering from a moment of creative challenge.

And I really, really, REALLY heart this!!

and this....

and I really dig burlap (and I don't know why- because I was HORRIBLE at those stupid hop-along races during Field Day at school) so I also drooled over this entire section!

So now that you know what to get me for Christmas, lets move on to the give-away!!

One lucky BB reader will win SIX  Moda 2010 Holiday Charm Packs.  The charmed fabrista will get 2 Makin' New Friends Charms, 2 Adoring Charms and 2 Woodland Holiday Charms.  All of these delightful little bundles will arrive neatly wrapped up in a holiday box perfect for gift-giving.  (Or keeping as a little special something for yourself!)

Entering is easy, and there are lots of ways to receive multiple entries!

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So many ways to win!

Be sure and add your comments separately for each activity so that you will indeed be "counted" multiple times!

Good Luck!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Snuggle your Quilt!

Did you notice the term "snuggles" in the directions for two of the Moda Bake Shop Tutorials Lately?  If not, check out the Freebird Inspirations Quilt and the Snuggly Layer Cake Throw at the Moda Bakeshop.

This warm Snuggly fabric is a great backing for that special quilt for a child, pet or perhaps a little something to keep yourself toasty on movie date-night.

The width of this fabric is a whopping 60" and retails for $15.00 a yard. But no, no- at Burgundy Buttons price is ONLY $12.00! Shop Friday and Saturday and take and additional 10% off during our "storage sale". (use promotion code "storage"). Shop for Snuggles now!

I purchased Ivory to start with as it will go with pretty much everything, but am certainly not opposed to buying the other colors if there is a demand for them. Let me know here! Leave a comment!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Happy Hour! Drink up the savings!

For those who missed last night's Midnight Madness Sale!

10% off your cart purchase from now until 9pm! (CST)

Use promotion code HH0408

It pays to follow the Burgundy Buttons Blog!

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Cherish Yardage

Select Charish Nature yardage is IN at Burgundy Buttons.  Only $7.00 a yard!  Get yours now!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Midnight Madness Sale for Blog Followers ONLY!

10% off your cart purchase from now until Midnight! (CST)

Use promotion code MM0407

It pays to follow the Burgundy Buttons Blog!

Not valid on special purchase items or other items as described in the item description.  Not valid in combination with other promotion codes or on previously purchased items.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Cleaning Spree I may have a fabric addiction. I mean, I get these huge boxes of fabric from the vendors- and I just GOTTA save some out for myself....

I mean, I just GOTTA.

But I never have time to sew as BB keeps me pretty busy.

But I still GOTTA have it.

But enough is enough, I did a little spring cleaning tonight and some folks out there are gonna get some hard to find stuff!

Check out Today's Special and get some must-haves that you missed before! I hit my Charm Pack stash pretty hard tonight- but someone very lucky is going to nab two very nearly-impossible-to-find Fat Quarter Bundles- Twiggy and Authentic!  (and I REALLY hated to part with Authentic!) 

These two bundles are in the Fat Quarter Bundles section, rather than the "Today's Special" section.  If you can't find them- they probably already sold!  (They will go QUICK).

Head on over to BB and see the items YOU GOTTA have! ('re it)

And if you are buying CHARM PACKS ONLY!! (and only if you are purchasing 8 or less of them)-AND Pay by CREDIT CARD rather than PayPal I can manually add a Flat Rate envelope charge ($4.95) and you can use "as prior arranged" for shipping.

But to be clear- you must use a credit card (PayPal does not accept charge corrections) and you must purchase 8 or less charms and only charms. (well, you could through in a small pattern if you want- but not a big block of the month one).

Another caveat to that: if you have registered for a BB account, then I can simply add a new charge for the Flat Rate Priority Shipping. If you have NOT registered for a BB account, then I have to add the charge on your existing order- this process requires my CC merchant to reverse your entire charge and post a new corrected one. When that happens, people tell me that it takes up to 4 days to see their reversal/credit to show up on their banking statement- but until then, two charges appear on their statement. If this is an issue for you, please take the time to create an account prior to or during your purchase.

Cheap charms, reduced shipping- EVERYBODY wins- and I just gained and entire shelf!

Tidbit Tuesday-conquering the Icky-Pooky Mess

There are so many new quilters out there! It ain't your grannies sport any more! Quilting has taken a new turn amongst the young at heart. Quilt patterns and fabric alike have leaned towards the Nouveau and are alot more like modern art. 

So I thought I would dedicate Tuesdays to tidbits! It might be something you already know, something you’re seeing for the first time, something you knew but forgot you knew, perhaps even something you think is too basic to mention.  Whatever it is, I hope what small morsel of insight I have to offer will benefit SOMEONE. (At least one? Pease--just one? ANY one?) Even if it doesn't, just tell me it does- make me feel all good about myself.

Do you hate that icky-pooky mess that you get when you start to sew your first piece of fabric in a sewing session?

(admittedly, I had to recreate this icky-pooky mess and a real one probably looks WORSE)

When you only have the exact amount needed for your pattern, this icky-pooky mess can sometimes create an icky-pooky catastrophe!

Worry not! I am going to teach you to overcome the icky-pooky mess dilemma.

Do you have some of this?  Oh come on, you know you do.  SCRAPS!  I mean- the kind you would normally throw away rather than save for your next appliqué project.  SAVE them, cherish them, love them, go get them out of the trash can.

Next, fold them and cut them up in little pieces. Often, these types of scraps are already folded because they are the remaining bits of something you have just cut. It's best to have a double layer though. They can be little or big- I usually go for .75-1 inch square.

Now- from here on out, take one of those little squares and sew it right in there after your last piece of fabric when you are ready to quit the sewing session.  Leave the little square in your sewing machine and walk away. Just make sure you have some stitches already into the square.   I typically sew almost to the end of the square.

Fast forward and hour, a day, a week, a month or a year....... there is that little square.  Perhaps covered in dust, but he's still there.  Start sewing your next piece right after him.  Since you aren't starting a new and the threads have already been "bound off".............

look Ma- no icky-pooky mess!  Stitches are nice and even, no holes or bunches or birds nests.   Perfect-a-mundo!

Have a tidbit to share?  Let us know!  Have an issue you need to solve?  Let us know and we'll research it!

Hope this helps some one, happy quilting!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Mo 'bout Me Monday a.k.a

I am often asked little things about what makes up Leah.  And after thinking about it, I realized that we have thrown ourselves into this little virtual world and wrapped ourselves into this web of friends without really knowing anything about each other- well except that we all like fabric!

So I thought I would take Mondays and make it a Mo 'bout ME day.  I tell you something about ME and then you tell me something about YOU!  It's like our own little for Fabric Friends!  Would that be SWATCH.COM? Hey- what a Great Name!!  SWATCH.COM it is!

I like the sound of birds in the morning,
cold wet puppy noses,
fabric with paisley..

All joking aside- who is Leah Marie?

Hmm. let's see.  I just had my 40th birthday- OUCH!  I don't feel forty, and it's best to just go ahead and say that I don't LOOK forty whether it's true or not!  I have never been married- no weird story to tell outside of the fact that I just never met Mr. Right.  I have a GREAT boyfriend now who expresses much enthusiasm for Burgundy Buttons and gloats often about my successes.

My children are both four legged furry ones, Cinnamon and Woozle- I'll let you guess who is who!

I have been quilting to some degree or another for about 12 years, but never took a formal class until about 2 years ago.  My mother, Janet a.k.a "Momma Albertsen", owned a quilt shop for years in Burlington, North Carolina and helped me get started.  (The Threaded Needle for anyone who may have known her).

I opened the virtual doors of BB on November 1rst, 2008- and my dear sweet Mom died unexpectedly 1 month later on December 1 at the age of 61.  I didn't quilt for over an entire year!  (that was something we had done together).  I kept BB going and continued to grow my business but never touched my sewing machine until about this past November...and when I finally did it was a bitter sweet feeling.

She still sews with me though!  I found her little "ribbit"/"rip-it" frog that graced the top of a quilter's machine any time he/she had to rip out their seams during one of my Mom's classes.  That little froggy has a permanent home on my own machine and it watches over me on her behalf.

On to a lighter note!

Outside of quilting, my favorite hobby is SCUBA DIVING! My favorite place to dive thus far has been Bonaire. (A little island off the coast of Venezuela) My dream dive would be in Belize or Fiji. I have dove with Sharks, albeit nurse sharks- who are really nothing but overgrown catfish.

I am an Advanced Open Water Diver with certifications in Peak Performance and Nitrox.  I would like to also be certified in Cave Diving, Wreck Diving and Underwater Photography.  Ambitious Goals!

Next to diving and quilting, I love photography and am especially fond of architectural photography. Give me a building and I will use an entire 4GB card! My camera of choice is my Nikon D90.

I use a mix of Photoshop Lightroom and Photoshop to edit my photography.

I have never done any professional photography, but did get the opportunity  to snap some photos of a friend's children recently.  Of all the interesting photos, I have to say that this was my favorite...

This little gal would NOT smile until she had a face full of Cheetoes!  So you gotta work with what you have, right?

My name is Leah, it's nice to meet you!

Fabric By the Yard

Check out some of the Fabric By-The-Yard already included in our store.  And remember- if you purchase any fabric today- you can still use promotion code "hoppy" for a 10% Discount!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Something New for You to Love!

I get alot of requests for fabric by the yard.  For reasons both financial and storage, I have always been a little bit reserved about purchasing huge bolts of fabric, but I have decided to start purchasing a few bolts here and there from the upcoming Moda collections.

I mean- you DESERVE the Burgundy Buttons price! $6.80 a yard for those who are involved in the Pre-order,  $7.00-$7.25 for everyone else.

So here's how I have decided it's going to work- I have created a Google Group and will be posting the collections and fabrics that I have determined would be a good fit for a bolt purchase (ie- I would be willing to use the remaining yardage on a bolt that didn't sell).

Starting with my favorite- 12 Days of Christmas! 

So request an invite to our Google Group today- and determine what yardage you would like to purchase from Burgundy Buttons!  (at the bottom of this posting)

Here are the items up for "vote" from this great collection..

Google Groups

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