Monday, April 26, 2010

Mo 'Bout Me Monday

When it comes to the dinner plate, I am not your typical Southern Gal........

because I..

• could not make fried chicken if a hostage situation depended on it
• have yet to find the perfect biscuit recipe
• think fried okra is a slimy disaster
• screw up EVEN the "no fail" pie crust recipe (and yes I know everything should be cold)
• feel that bacon was not meant to be a condiment
• won't eat anything soggy
• believe strawberries RUIN the shortcake (separate bowl required)
• like my cornbread SWEET (peppers? really?)
• wonder how drunk the person actually was when she came up with Red Eye Gravy
• detest banana wafer pudding. (it's those soggy cookies...ick)
• ponder how to eat pound cake, seems like I should put butter and jelly on it
• don't know how to can or preserve anything
• wonder why someone would ruin their hot dog with sweet pickle relish, or ruin their perfectly fluffy biscuit with flour gravy.
• GAG at the thought of cole slaw
• in fact- feel that cabbage is one of those things that SHOULD have been destroyed in the flood.
• don't fry anything...ever.
• have never had catfish or even gone fishing.
• am not a fan of pulled pork, or attending parties with a giant pig on a stick roasting on a hill (free WILBUR) And I am from North Carolina!
• don't like tea, sweet or otherwise
• am not exactly sure what is in liver mush- is anybody?
• Wonder who decided to fry fat? Fried fatback? Times must have REALLY been tough!
• refuse to eat grits...or hominy for that matter
• have never eaten a fried bologna sandwich, nor a fried Twinkie nor a fried Oreo.
• cannot tolerate the way meringue feels on my tongue

But to redeem myself:


• use the word "tater"
• do love biscuits, fried chicken and tater salad
• Once the pie crust is made, I make some KICK BUTT Chicken Pot Pie!
• LOVE ME SOME shortcake! (said just like a Southerner too!)
• do like my pie! (especially lemon- without the meringue of course)
• Must have gravy on my mashed taters
• Can eat my weight and yours in water melon

Do you know of a pie crust recipe that even I can't screw up?  I'd LOVE the see it!


  1. Leah, sending you the best pie crust recipe you will ever use! And my *top secret tips*! Check your email!

  2. I have the best pie crust recipe ever - it's called Pillsbury Pie Crust and you find them in the refrigerated section! LOL! I cannot make pie crust either and I've tried many, many recipes! I, too, make a great chicken pot pie - great minds think alike!

  3. LOl oh girlie...DH is from NC and I don't know how you survived if you grew up anywhere like him.
    I'm with you on the Okra, and I'm celiac so no wheat flour for me so I'm NO help on any of those ones.

  4. I live in Alabama, and I'm with you on some of these...but bacon? Totally a condiment!

  5. thanks for the good laugh! :)

    I could write my own about the contradictions of being a country girl. :)

  6. You are too funny! You probably left the buttermilk out of your biscuits!

  7. Laurie- I am with ya on the frozen pie crust, and for the benefit of those at my table that's what I have been using! Marie C's actually. No one is the wiser when you decorate the top of the frozen pie crust with little cut outs!

  8. Cara- surviving in NC- if you didn't see it prepared, don't eat it. If it somes served ALREADY covered in something saucy- DON'T eat it! (they are hiding something in there!) If it's gritty- DON'T eat it! If it comes served on a STICK- DON't eat it. I grew up vegetarian- don't get me STARTED on what my mom tried to hide (aka cover up) in cream of mushroom soup!

  9. TracyJay- come on with it! Let's here it.

  10. so with you on the sweet cornbread. i'm a transplanted southerner, and there are several southern foods that i've not gotten a taste for.

  11. I'm a born and raised Texan, and I feel like an outcast because I hate iced tea! I actually hate all black tea, and will only drink chamomile or fruity "zinger" type teas. But I love fried okra! When I was a kid, I used to go to the Black Eyed Pea for every birthday because it was the only restaurant in my town that served fried okra. I wouldn't even order an entreee, just fried okra, macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes.

    You are probably missing out on the catfish thing, though. If you ever try it, you have to eat it with fresh onion — a trick my Granddaddy taught my family way back when.

  12. Can't make pie crust either. Love the frozen stuff. I was taught meringue is Cow's slobber. I never liked it anyway. Whip cream is so much better.
    Amy T.

  13. I'm not a Southerner either but my Betty Crocker Cookbook recipe for Chicken Pot Pie has the BEST crust recipe ever to go with it. It has celery seed in it.

  14. If I didn't know better I would swear you wrote this about me, everything but frying food. I do fry some things, not much, but everything else I agree with. My mother can stand right beside me and watch me make her pie crust or biscuit recipe and it comes out nothing like hers. I don't understand it and she doesn't either. She has finally given up on me and pie crust and biscuits