Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Have a safe and happy Halloween! I will be traveling today, so sadly I will miss all this giddy goblins coming to my door.

Don't forget about our Another by Anita giveaway from Saturday's post.

And lasty, today is the last day of our Spooktacular Sales event, so shop now!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

All Framed Up

Melissa's All Framed Up Moda Bakeshop Project was a huge hit and we sold out of Ruby kits.  By request, we have made a couple alternate kits just for our you!


Love the look of bright warm colors?  A kit made with Flora might make you feel warm and fuzzy all over!

If you're a girly girl, Sophie might have just the feminine touch you crave.


 A vintage kit made with Curio has a place in any romantics home.

If you're a homebody, Hometown might be right down your neighborhood ally!

Pay tribute to days past with a retro kit made with Circa 1934.

Circa 1934

Whatever your tastes, there's sure to be an All Framed Up Kit just for you!

Please note that the images created were made with EQ and are meant to represent a completed quilt.  Final results will vary slightly.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

It Ain't Your Granny's Quilt Anymore

There is no doubt that quilting has turned modern!  We have always known that quilting is art and it seems that the rest of the world is starting to share our sentiment.  A younger generation has brought an additional flare to our craft bringing a new found energy and liveliness.

One designer that has captured the essence of the modern movement is Anita Bradshaw of Another by Anita.

If you like the look of appliqué…without turning under edges and hiding stitches…
If you like the look of stained glass…without the expense of bias tape…

If you like the look of intricate art quilts…without the hours of intensive labor…
If you like a piece of art that only LOOKS like you've spent laborious months hunched over the craft table...

then Another by Anita is for you!  Anita walks you through creating a lovely piece of art reminiscent of stained glass.

One lucky winner will win two Another by Anita patterns, Briar Rose and Sunflower Square.

To win, simply complete any number of these actions listed below.  Only complete as many as you choose!  Leave an individual comment for each activity as you will receive one entry for each separate action.  Winner will be chosen randomly on Saturday.
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Good luck!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spooktacular Sale!

Burgundy Buttons is having a SPOOKTACULAR SALE!  Save 10% off your purchase!
 No promotion code needed, Spooktacular Price is already adjusted.

Perhaps you need some vintage Curio by Basic Grey.    The antique mall awaits with a plethora of pleasures to be discovered, all in Curio. A mixing of soft petal pink, cameo blue, and antique mahogany becomes a study of timeless treasures found. From classic lace doilies to fine bone china, the collection of shabby chic vintage collectibles is chock-full of quaint, estate quality design and fine, traditional detail.

Maybe you have been eyeballing some playful Little Apples by Aneela Hoey?  Little apples is all about what happens in the fall, the kids are playing in the park with their scarves flapping in the wind and singing rhyming songs, round and round they go, just like the seasons. The little apples are falling off the trees and spied by a tortoise who has momentarily peeked out from under his shell and decided to take a stroll. The leaves are swirling around on the wind, providing a brilliantly coloured backdrop to all the goings on, the beauty of fall is definitely here!

You might be over the moon for the Spain Terrain?    Terrain distills a thousand walks through the autumn woods into a crisp flood of colors igniting the landscape. The line combines the mosses, blooms, and berries of the forested hills with the streams and mists of the valleys -- and is sure to keep the glow of fall with you throughout the year. Especially with cozy, brightly colored flannels, coated and quilted prints for even more project possibilities!

You might be feeling a tad retro and itching to get your hands on days past with Circa 1934.  The splendor of the silver screen and the inspiration of Amelia Earhart coincided Circa 1934. This collection with its typewriter key caps, vintage numbers and ornate medallions captures this pivotal time in history. Rich red, worn yellow, antique white and sage green give you the perfect palette to work with. We hope it inspires you to create pieces that celebrate the struggles and perseverance of the human spirit!

Or finally, you might need to be whisked away to a fantasy land, skipping and floating about on fluffy clouds of flowers in cotton candy colors so sweet you’ll never want this daydream to end. A girly girl, Sophie is delightfully whimsical with her dainty, precious petals and playful patterns certain to leave you tickled pink.

De-stash?  What's that?  I say RE-STASH with awesome Remnants from our new Remnant Section.  Find forgotten must haves or bits  you just can't live without.

Save on awesome patterns from Rachel GriffithJulie HermanAllison Harris and Melissa Corry!   And don't forget to satisfy you craving for a yummer-doodles juicy burger with Stefanie's Pattern!

Now why are you still reading this?  Get to shopping!

Not valid on previous purchases.  No promotion code needed, Spooktacular Sale prices have already been adjusted.  Cannot be combined with a promotion code for further reductions. Sale ends Monday, midnight, CST.

all in good fun to raise breast cancer awareness

Monday, October 24, 2011

Need a Little Help this Christmas?

Santa is thrilled to have extra help this season, just as you will be. However, this little guys are all monkey business! Disguised as elves, reindeer and with the help of some extra stuffing, even Santa himself, the sock monkeys’ truly silly spirit shines through. Always creative, Santa’s Little Helpers went a little bananas in the workshop and twisted themselves into an adorable funky monkey advent calendar.

Be a little silly this Season, shop now!  Sale ends Wednesday!

Don't forgett o check out our Remnant section, over 60 new remnants added this weekend!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rooftop Garden Now on Sale!

Escape the nitty-gritty city streets and sneak off to create your own secret hideaway with Rooftop Garden. Bold, graphic florals, ditsy daisies and dots pop in zesty, modern tones fashioning the ultimate urban retreat lush with style. Faux patchwork even adds a little gypsy flair!

This Bold collection is now on sale at Burgundy Buttons for a whopping 20% off our amazingly low prices! 

Shop Now!

Not valid on previous purchases.  Sale ends Sunday, midnight CST.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ruby has Arrived!

Ruby is a small town girl with big dreams, and even bigger style. She works at the town ice cream parlor in her favorite red polka dot dress and can be found doing the jitterbug with her best girlfriends at the Country Diner on the weekends. This cheery line is full of Ruby’s favorites, including a smattering of soft flannels, in red and aqua, retro flowers, vintage prints and pretty little scallops.

Get Ruby today at a low Burgundy Buttons price!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Oops A Daisy Sale & Remnants

Keiki's Oops a Daisy is on sale at Burgundy Buttons for 15% off our already amazingly low prices!  Bright and cheery, Oops a Daisy is sure to banish those chills that are just beginning to set in.

Have you noticed our Remnant Section?  Save a bundle on end-of-bolts and bits!

It's perfect quality fabric perfect for stash building or snatching just a bit more of that fabric you love.

New remnants are added weekly!

Shop Remnants now!

Oops a Daisy sale price not valid on previous purchases,  cannot be combined with a promotion code for further discounts.  Sale ends Wednesday at Midnight, CST.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Heart Walk Photos and Winner

The Nashville Heart Walk was a BIG Success!  My company team raised over $10,320!!!  My direct team raised $4,190!  I could not have asked for a more perfect day than we had.  It hovered around 65 degrees, we had an awesome breeze and the sky was clear with just a dotting of small clouds. Perfect for a 3-mile stroll!
Ooober-Super Fund-raisers!
I shared my Team Captain duties with co-worker & friend David who equally shared my enthusiasm with a red boa.  (mine was bigger than his was-nanny nanny boo boo)

For our friend Scott

We walked for friends....we walked for family..
For Momma A

And some of  us didn't even walk at all...

Woozle & Cinnamon hitch a ride for Momma (Gammy) Albertsen

Co Capt David and Son Nicholas (official chariot puller)
Some us had quality father & son time...

And some of us will miss our buddies!

Thank you every one who donated to the cause- together we make a difference!  The winner of our 50.00 Gift Certificate was Mark Matthews- who has graciously donated to my team every year.  (He says it's to avoid listening to me nag!)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Good Impression

Make a good impression with this stunning collection from the home guru himself!  This very modern collection is on sale now at Burgundy Buttons for an additional 25% off.

Shop now!  Sale ends Sunday!

Price not valid on previous purchases,  Cannot be combined with a promotion code for further reductions.  Sale ends Sunday, midnight CST.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

For Sarah & Heather

Well Sarah and Heather- I've given you new boobs! Perky was easy-a cheerleader is perky. But for Heather, I tried to capture the various things you were feeling! I hope I did OK..enjoy your boob and a continued path to recovery! Survivor boob coming soon- not sure I can capture the dead boob- that's just makes me sad! But I'll try!

Boob Planning

Have you heard of the Make a Boob Movement sweeping the globe?  Recently, several of my friends have been diagnosed with various stages of breast cancer so I've decided to make some boobs.  So boob planning has been underway!   I thought I would share some of my boob ideas...

As you can tell- I am a theme girl!  So my boobs need themes!  I am working of my 5 stages of grief (which is what a cancer patient goes through as well) boobs now, but struggling a bit with the bargaining boob! 

Just thought I would share!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Columbus Day Sale!

Columbus Day sale at Burgundy Buttons.  Save 10% on your cart purchase. 

Not valid on previous purchases, cannot be combined with additional promotion codes.  Excludes certain items as described in their item description.  Enter promotion code on first page of check out underneath address.  Must use promotion code during order to receive discount.  Promotional price will be reflected as new item price not in discount section.  Due to the expected popularity of this sale, we cannot guarantee post order changes, so please make choices wisely!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Summer House Sale

All Summer House on sale for an additional 15% off our already amazingly low prices!  Shop now!

Final markdown, cannot be used in combination with a promotion code for further reductions.  Not valid on previous purchases. Sale ends Sunday at Midnight, CST.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hometown on Sale!

Everybody has one...or two...or three. Our hometown is where we come from and where we run back to. It will always have a special place as well as always be our special place. And this collection is sure to also have a special place too!

This weekend only!  Hometown from Sweetwater is on sale at Burgundy Buttons!
Shop now, at these prices it won't last! 
Not valid on previous purchases.  Final markdown, not able to be combined with a promotion code for further reductions. Sale ends Monday at midnight, CST.