Sunday, October 16, 2011

Heart Walk Photos and Winner

The Nashville Heart Walk was a BIG Success!  My company team raised over $10,320!!!  My direct team raised $4,190!  I could not have asked for a more perfect day than we had.  It hovered around 65 degrees, we had an awesome breeze and the sky was clear with just a dotting of small clouds. Perfect for a 3-mile stroll!
Ooober-Super Fund-raisers!
I shared my Team Captain duties with co-worker & friend David who equally shared my enthusiasm with a red boa.  (mine was bigger than his was-nanny nanny boo boo)

For our friend Scott

We walked for friends....we walked for family..
For Momma A

And some of  us didn't even walk at all...

Woozle & Cinnamon hitch a ride for Momma (Gammy) Albertsen

Co Capt David and Son Nicholas (official chariot puller)
Some us had quality father & son time...

And some of us will miss our buddies!

Thank you every one who donated to the cause- together we make a difference!  The winner of our 50.00 Gift Certificate was Mark Matthews- who has graciously donated to my team every year.  (He says it's to avoid listening to me nag!)