Tuesday, October 11, 2011

For Sarah & Heather

Well Sarah and Heather- I've given you new boobs! Perky was easy-a cheerleader is perky. But for Heather, I tried to capture the various things you were feeling! I hope I did OK..enjoy your boob and a continued path to recovery! Survivor boob coming soon- not sure I can capture the dead boob- that's just makes me sad! But I'll try!


  1. Thanks, Leah! That's just perfect - and what I'm looking forward to (although a pair, not just one!!) Thanks for the smiles!!

  2. Ha! Thanks so much for the new lopsided boob, Leah! That's funny and you really captured my shell-shocked self. I only wish my hair was that long, though, and that "gently curled". That's pretty much my hair colour, though.

    Perky boob is so cute. I used to have two of those cuties. Now I have sisters, Lopsided and Saggy. Perky turns to Saggy pretty quickly after anti-estrogen drugs do their work.

    Regarding "Dead Boob" ... I'm sure I would find such a notion shockingly grim if I hadn't been through what I have. But after you've spent considerable time pondering your own possible demise, I find you develop a dry and morose sense of humour. Perhaps only a breast cancer survivor can truly enjoy the humour of a "Dead Boob". Maybe some other survivors will weigh in.

    Thanks again for the smile! I'm chuckling away to myself.