Saturday, October 29, 2011

It Ain't Your Granny's Quilt Anymore

There is no doubt that quilting has turned modern!  We have always known that quilting is art and it seems that the rest of the world is starting to share our sentiment.  A younger generation has brought an additional flare to our craft bringing a new found energy and liveliness.

One designer that has captured the essence of the modern movement is Anita Bradshaw of Another by Anita.

If you like the look of appliqué…without turning under edges and hiding stitches…
If you like the look of stained glass…without the expense of bias tape…

If you like the look of intricate art quilts…without the hours of intensive labor…
If you like a piece of art that only LOOKS like you've spent laborious months hunched over the craft table...

then Another by Anita is for you!  Anita walks you through creating a lovely piece of art reminiscent of stained glass.

One lucky winner will win two Another by Anita patterns, Briar Rose and Sunflower Square.

To win, simply complete any number of these actions listed below.  Only complete as many as you choose!  Leave an individual comment for each activity as you will receive one entry for each separate action.  Winner will be chosen randomly on Saturday.
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Good luck!


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