Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tie One On for National Quilt Day

National Quilt Day is March 20th!  The National Quilt Association has created a pattern to help you show your love for quilting.  Part of the tradition is to dig into that scrap bin and use what's on hand for your new treasure! 

This year's treat was created in honor or our troops!  So grab your greens and yellows and show some Burgundy Love by Tying a yellow to this fabric tree for that special military loved-one in your life!

Don't know anyone? It's OK..

  • Donate your quilt to a VA hospital
  • If you live near a military base, contact special services to donate your quilt
  • Give this special gift to a family of a soldier serving overseas
  • Donate this gift to a special child struggling with a parent serving overseas
  • Contact a local church to see if there is a congregation member serving in a war zone

So many ways to give!  So many ways to show some Burgundy Love!

Tell us about your special military person!


  1. I will get the ball rolling by telling you about my special military person- he supports all of my work, knows the difference between a layer cake and jelly roll, claims to be a connoisseur of stippling and all things Sandy Gervais. He's handsome, charming and a giant dork- but he's my giant dork!

  2. This is great! My little brother is in basic training right now, and got married a few days before he shipped out. I think I'll make this and give it to his wife. Thanks!

  3. I've been blessed with meeting the man of my dreams. Im an army wife of 14 yrs. some days are harder than others. With three deployments under our belts we are still standing strong.
    He is our Hero

  4. A dork! Really? Just because I am all about frolic and on occasion freebird?

    I was in the Army 20 yrs and passed out a number of these donated quilts to guys in our hospitals. Although they try to hide it, they really like them. It is not so much the quilt but that someone took the time to make it for them. This is work worth doing.

    And Leah is a total fabric geek!

  5. I'd love to make one of these quilts someday. My husband is an f-16 pilot in the Air Force and we are getting ready for our first overseas move to Italy. We're leaving next week. He is by far, the best man I've ever met.

  6. My son is my special military someone..... and he is very special to me! He is just finishing up a year in Turkey and will be headed back to the USA in 2 weeks and I am so EXCITED!

  7. Two of our sons were in the military. The middle son was in the Gulf War sitting in Saudi Arabia waiting to advance with the Marines into Kuwait City. Because the march was made so quickly and without incident he was spared that advancement. Our Christmas Tree that year was filled with blue lights and Yellow Ribbons of different sizes. The tree remained up until our son came home. What a joyeous day that was in June. That tree sure was dusty. LOL

    We love our military and we love Yellow Ribbons. I hope to make this quilt.

    Have a God Filled Day