Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Earn FREE FABRIC at Burgundy Buttons!

Got a project you are proud of? A related story to tell? From quilts to potholders, show-off your beauties to other quilters who will appreciate it for the work of art that it is! Perhaps even inspire a fellow fabrista!

Burgundy Buttons announces our Guest Blogger Program!

Submit your projects and related stories to Burgundy Buttons for the chance to be featured in our blog.

Weekly, an entry will be selected and posted on right here.  The featured guest blogger will be awarded a $10.00 Burgundy Buttons Store Credit. ($25.00 if you have designed your own creation and you are sharing pattern details with us!)  And then (if that was enough to send you racing for the Nikon) ...each month, all weekly guest bloggers will be eligible for a monthly drawing. During this monthly drawing- one of those lucky bloggers will be awarded an additional $15.00 in Burgundy Buttons store credits!

That means that a lucky guest VIB (very important blogger) will win anywhere from $25.00 to $40.00 in Burgundy Buttons store credits every month!

Now there are rules and stuff- so if you are interested, email us at guestblogger@burgundybuttons.com and receive all the legal boring mumbo jumbo.


  1. Do you just want a "show and tell" type of post showing a pic of a finished project? Or do you want how-to type details? Biography type details?

    I have a couple I could share if thats all you want :)


  2. I am interested....will email you tomorrow.