Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fabric and Flame Don't Mix!

A couple months ago, a friend introduced me to a wonderful flameless "candle" by Scentsy, and I fell in love. Scentsy offers a flameless wax burners and scented tarts that will do nothing but leave you wanting more. And their beautiful too! From classic to urban to artsy, there is a warmer to fit everyone's decor. And then let's talk about the wax! Now, I do consider myself to be some-what of a scent connoisseur, have a nose like a hound dog- and can spot a fake, icky scent a mile away. But these scents can't be topped! I have tried everything from Yankee to Gold Canyon to the little candle at the country store and I have never come across something as delightful and realistic as these scents. I immediately knew I wanted to offer them at Burgundy Buttons! Upon investigation, I found that I couldn't actually offer them at my store, but had to become an independent consultant and then offer a link from my store, so that's what I did. (see link at the side of my blog and at Burgundy Buttons)

I personally enjoy the Bakery Collection as there is nothing more inviting than the smell of a warm sticky cinnamon bun! But the French lavender is very well suited for the bedroom. There are just so many to love.

This month's special is this lovely opulent warmer "Victoria" and a very fresh scent "Spring Clean". Get them for a reduced price during the month of March!

Spring clean is as refreshing as a cool breeze and morning dew blended with orange blossom, crisp white florals, and a whisper of sheer musk.

Can't decide on your favorite a scent?  Check out the multi pack and select 3-6 scents to start with at a special multi-pack price.

Click here and try a Scentsy warmer today and become a Scentsy addict like me!


  1. I've heard of these, but have never been to a party to see how they smell. If you ever do an open house kind of thing, let me know. I would be interested in seeing what these are all about. Are these why your fabrics always smell like they just came from a cupcake shop?

  2. Does it? That's funny! Everyone always tells me I smell like a vanilla waffle! Perhaps! I can bring you some smelly things when I see you next if you like!

  3. I just got a Scentsy warmer and 3 scents this week as a gift. I love it! Having no flame is great since I have a young daughter and cats.

  4. I have several throughout my home and one in my office. I love them. Two of my favorite scents are Cinnamon Vanilla and Skinny Dipping!

    You are right. They are great. In fact, I think I will go turn mine on right now.

  5. Definitely bring me a catalog and if you have any samples of the french lavendar, blueberry cheesecake or sticky cinnamon bun I'd love to take a sniff.

    This morning I was burning my all-time favorite blueberry muffin candle. When my husband got up, he came running toward the kitchen thinking that I was cooking muffins or pancakes for breakfast. He was sorely disappointed.