Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Second Bee

I am loving my first quilting bee "sew" much that I joined another.  And Christine over at Quilt Monster in my Closet even let me make the button!

What do you think?--------->

This blog will obviously focus on wonky blocks which is right my love alley!  Wait till she sees the blocks inspired by my favorite Block Party Book that I gave as inspiration for my Sew...Bee...Create buddies this month!

She's gonna be jealous!
Ever since my first bee buddy Melissa let me design the button for Sew...Bee...Create.....And then BeeJeebers...  I have been obsessed with making blog buttons!

It might be more fun than the actual Quilting Bee to me!

I really want to join a Mosiac Bee, but can't seem to find one open.  Let me know if you see one!  Until then...Quilt, Quilt for now! (QQFN- who say's we can't make our own text lingo?)


  1. LEAH!! I LOVE THE BUTTON... Now I just have to figure out how to get the code... Yep I am sort of a dork..hahahah. LOVE IT AND THANK YOU SEW SEW MUCH!!!!

  2. Yea for another bee :) So exciting. You could always start a mosiac bee :) Do you know about the quilting bee flickr group. It is a great place to look for new bees. You can find it here :)

  3. Have never done wonky blocks!So would love to join in!! Off to take a look. Kx

  4. I know about it- that's how I found the wonky bee- I indeed have pondered starting my own mosaic bee- If one hasn't started int he next month, i probably will. Focusing on my big Houston project and my Sew Red for Women Block right now!

  5. Examples of Mosiac bees for Lisa...

  6. Busy Lady, Like your second button almost as much as your first :) Been admiring the bottled rainbow quilt forever so I understand your need for a mod mosaic!