Saturday, January 21, 2012

Color me Happy!

My absolute most FAVORITIST fabric ever in the history of the world.  Times Ten.  Times Infinity.  Times infinity squared!

Simple, graphic patterns and bold colors define this collection.  These fabrics were inspired by the hand dyed and patterned batiks that Malka Dubrawsky had been been making for years. They’re fun and functional for a bevy of sewing projects, perfect for piecing into quilts or crafting garments.

Used sparingly, they can infuse a bit of color among neutrals or if used throughout a project allow you to stitch away in luminous, artisan-crafted color.

Get A Stitch In Color now at the always low Burgundy Buttons price!


  1. very nice vibrant and cheerful

  2. Great colors. I love how bright they are.

  3. I'm piecing 2 baby quilts with this line right now, Leah, and have a few more planned. I love it too! I wouldn't be surprised if some of the scraps make their way into my future Wonky Bee blocks ;)