Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day Sale

Because you're special...

Because it's snowing...

Because I forced you to look at my foot...

We're having a snow day sale for Blog Readers only!  Save 10% on your cart purchase- just because...

Use promotion code: "Snow Day"

Stay warm!

*Sale excludes previously purchased items, special purchase items, Scentsy items, Bella solids and other items as described in their item description.  Not valid in combination with other promotion codes.  Ends at midnight CST tonight.


  1. Procrastination/forgetfulness pays off! I had a cart filled up last night, but went to bed without buying. Looks like today's my day :)

  2. I hope your foot is on the mend!Thanks to the snow day sale, a little bit of Fandango is making its way to my stash-yipee! (Just finished up a Verna and a Central Park quilt, so it's only fitting!) Thank you!