Friday, January 28, 2011

Java Mug Rug Challenge

Grab a cup o' Java and read all about it!  Burgundy Buttons has teamed up with Deb Strain to challenge your creativity with a caffeine jolt!  It's a Java Mug Rug Challenge!  So grab your Java scraps, yardage, leftovers, charms packs, jellies, layers and Insul-Bright Batting and rev your design engines!

What's a Mug Rug?  It's a rug for your mug.  A mini placemat or a large rectangular coaster.  Check out some awesome Mug Rugs here.

Submit images of your final Java Mug to for judging.  All Submissions should be received by February 28, 2011.

Winner will be judged by Deb Strain and myself on:
  • Prominent use of the Moda Java fabric collection designed by Deb Strain
  • Overall creativity
  • Embrace of Deb's Java Vision
  • Originality
You are not required to have purchased the Java fabric from me, but gosh- it sure would be nice!  You may use supplemental fabric of your choice.  Mug should be at least 9" x 5".

Winner will also agree to post the directions for their masterpiece on this blog so take LOTS of pictures!  I will post a link to the Flikr group shortly.  Don't forget to grab a button and share!

"But what will I win", you ask?  The 1st place winner of the Java Mug Rug Challenge will receive a promotion code for $20.00 off their next purchase at Burgundy Buttons.  Second and Third Place winners will receive promotion codes for $10.00 off their next purchase at Burgundy Buttons.  All three winners win a little something special designed by Deb herself.  It's a secret!  But it may be a custom label for your rug.  shhhh...don't tell!

So Rev your sewing machines...
Don't forget to head on over to Deb's new blogsite and show that gal some BB Love!

Don't have Java fabric?  Head on over to Burgundy Buttons today- we're having a sale!  See details on the home page.  Hurry!  Sale ends soon!


  1. Sounds like fun - I just got a Java charm pack and no idea what to make, so this would be a start! The fabrics are just sooooo cute and I LOVE coffee.

  2. Woo hoo! I have already started.

  3. Awesome. I bought some Java a while ago specifically for making a Mug Rug. Haven't done it yet, so I guess there is no better time!

  4. Prominent use of the Moda Java fabric collection... can you be a little more specific. Can I use one fabric or do you need to use many?