Monday, June 8, 2009

Queen of Unfinished Projects

I know that everyone THINKS they are the queen of unfinished projects, but SISTA, I hold the crown, the jewels, the fancy dress and the heart of the KING!

What am I working on?

Minnesota Hot Dish...
I used Louisa fabrics and some white background I had in my stash.
This one is pieced and ready to be quilted.

(this is usually when I lose interest!)

A Split Decision using Kashmir III and a Moda Cream that I buy by the bolts to have on hand at all times. It's the same cream that comes out with many collections but by a different name each time. I have about 10 blocks completed, not much of a start, but a start none-the-less. This pattern is amazing with only two fabrics and perfect for beginners.

A Daisy Chain using the Patisserie collection and the previously mentioned cream.

This is an easy pattern, it just gets monotonous. It's not like you can complete a block and see how amazing it's going to be. The assembled quilt is amazing, the individual blocks: not-so-much.
Because of this, I would never recommend this quilt pattern for a beginner.
Rather LARGE log cabin blocks using Hemming House Jelly Rolls.

I bought about eight Jelly Rolls so that I could pick and choose which strips I wanted to use. I will sell any unused Jelly Rolls in my store when I am done.
I have 10 or so blocks complete.

This was an unfinished table runner of my Mothers. I found it in her craft room when she passed away. It's pinned and ready to be quilted but I haven't been able to do it yet.
As if I didn't' have enough, I inherited quite a few unfinished project from her!
She was an amazing quilter, I wish I would have had the chance to learn more!

There are many, many more. I would say I have about 12-15 projects in the works. I will usually work on about 3 different ones during one sitting. I have trouble finishing anything. I always loose interest when it's time to quilt them- I hate actually quilting any project. Love to piece, hate to quilt. Am I the only one?

I think I am going to start sending off my projects to a long arm quilter. Any Takers?

I have decided:

To piece is human,
To finish is divine.

I wish I were divine!


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