Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oops-a-daisy on Sale!

Among the whimsical meadows of Oops A Daisy, with its popping blossoms and frilly flowers, Keiki and her friends enjoy a playful picnic in the grass. The perfect setting for a game of I-Spy, they discover ladybugs, sparrows, caterpillars, and even doily-like butterflies all in the most vivid colors and vivacious patterns.

Bring back spring with these special savings on Oops-a-Daisy fabrics only at Burgundy Buttons!

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Not valid on previous purchases, cannot be combined with a promotion code for further reductions.  Sale ends Tuesday, midnight CST.

For those of you waiting on a winner for the Another by Anita pattern giveaway- we are attempting to confirm the action stated in the winning entry was indeed done.  We had to contact the pending winner as it didn't appear that it had been.  If we are unable to confirm, we will select an alternate winner. 


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