Friday, March 11, 2011

Summer Nights

When it comes to designing nature-inspired fabrics, there really is no one better than Holly Taylor. She has a gift for capturing the beautifully imperfect world around us, and her latest collection, Dragonfly Summer is no exception. She chose a color palette reminiscent of a Summer twilight, when the sky is a deep, dark purple, and abuzz with fireflies and dragonflies.  Warm breezes rustle the leaves in the trees and the wildflowers growing on the prairie. Hues of deep purple, greens ranging from soft to deep, and varying shades of brown come together harmoniously in prints featuring softly drawn botanicals, dots, stripes, and swirls.

Our shipment of yardage has just arrived at Burgundy Buttons. Bring some home for your next project, and don't forget about all the handy and time-saving pre-cuts. They are all available now at a tremendous price. Shop now for the very best selection.


  1. You make it very hard to stay on a fabric diet (worst than doughnuts and chips). This looks like something that I am going to have to have.