Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fab Shop Web Shopper Appreciation

We're opening this sale to our blog readers EARLY, there are some really good savings going on here at Burgundy Buttons. 

And to top it off, these collections aren't necessarily old!  Yea, sure.. a few older ones.  But for the most part, these are collections from the last two months.  We have a limited amount of space here at Burgundy Buttons and there are a lot of new goodies on the way!

And there happens to be bolt or two of Central Park and Sunkissed!  It was extra yardage purchased for kits.  But we're out of the remaining materials for the kits- so you save!

So stretch those fingers, loosen that neck and get ready to shop shop shop!

Shop early for the best selection!

Not valid on previous purchases or in combination with a promotion code for further reductions... so please- don't make me feel like a meanie...don't ask!


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