Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ask and Ye Shall Receive!

Some of your are aware that after the beginning of the year we will be migrating to a new webhoster.  This new site will be super fab!  Shortly thereafter, we will be receiving a bit of a face lift as well!

The new site, is much easier to manage from our perspective.  But for you... FOR YOU.. you will have WISH LISTS and GIFT CERTIFICATES!!  Two of the most commonly asked for items!

I can't wait!  I wish I could have done it sooner, but it's a bit of a laborious task to move, and I plug away as I have time.

But as the holidays are approaching (surely you've noticed the traffic) I am getting more and more requests for gift certificates.  So in the interim, I have created a PayPal gift certificate that you can direct the old hubby (or wifey) to purchase.   You can see it on our home page!  Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Woohoo!!!!! I am so glad you are doing wish lists!!!! You will be, too - my hubby's love language is gifts!!