Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Scattered Prayers by Cara

Hi everyone! I'm Cara from CaraQuilts and am very excited to be here at Burgundy Buttons to share another tutorial with you from this gorgeous Prayer Flag fabric!

If you've been over to Moda Bake Shop you may have seen the first part of the series called Film Strip. Well as much as I love that quilt, I had left over fabric and I can't stand to let pretty fabrics go in a bin, maybe to never see the light of day again!

So here is a "left over"quilt that I have to say I love as much, if not more!   Be sure to let me know, either here or over at my blog, if you like it!

  • 26 10” squares or 104 5” squares.
  • 1 2/3 yards Bella Solid Black

Cut the layer cake squares as shown in the diagram, yielding 208 triangles. Yes 208. I’m sorry there really is nothing I can do about that part.

Cut (3) 4 ½” x WOF. Cut (3) 24”x4 ½” strips, set aside the large strips for the border, and subcut the remaining into 4 ½ x 1” strips, you need 88 4 ½ x 1” strips.

Cut (1) 4 ½” x WOF. Cut 24”x4 ½” strip and subcut the remaining into 4 ½ x 4 3/4”. Set aside the large strip for the border.

Cut (3) 7” x WOF strips. Subcut into 7x1” strips, for a total of 119.

Cut (1) 5” x WOF strip. Subcut into 5” squares. Set aside for border.

Cut (15) 1” x WOF strips. Set aside for sashing. (15 strips, rows and sides)


Take non-matching triangles and stitch the 7”x1” strip to the long edge. Stitch the other triangles long edge to the strip. Make 99 of these. Don’t worry about the edges that stick out, we’re trimming them later.

Yes, 99. Again I am sorry but it’s worth it in the end I promise.

Because of the small size of the middle strip I suggest pressing towards the strip, your seam allowances will almost overlap, a good test of your ¼” seam right?

I found it easiest to press like this:


Now that we have all these stitched together we have to trim them up. The best way to do this and keep our blocks nice and even is to fold the block in half on the diagonal and finger press. Open and repeat on the opposite diagonal. Now line up your rulers line on the finger pressed crease in the middle of the black strip, and the 2 ¼” mark on the center crease where the two crease meet. This ensures you are half way between the sides. Trim to 4 ½”.  

Now comes the fun part. Lay out your blocks in a 9x11 grid. Stitch together a block and one of the 4 ½ x 1” strips. Attach another block to the edge of the 4 ½ x 1” strips, and then another 4 ½ x 1” strip to the block and so on. Press towards the 4 ½ x 1” strips.

Attach the 1”xWOF strip to the bottom of the row. Press towards the strip.

Stitch another row of blocks and 4 ½ x 1” strips.

Pin well, because of the size of the pieces errors can seem more glaring, to the 1” strip making sure your 4 ½ x 1” strips are directly below the matching strip in the upper row.

Repeat until all rows are attached. Attach another 1” strip to the top and bottom of the top. Press toward the strips. Stitch two 1” x WOF together using the stitch and flip method. Measure and attach the long 1” strips to the sides. Press towards the strip.

Take the 5” black squares and cut in half on the diagonal. We’re going to make more of the blocks, only with one colored triangle, and one black one. Make 20. Trim to 4 ½” square.
Place 6 blocks on the long sides of the quilt. Attach one 4 ½ x 4 3/4” piece, than a block, than the 4 ½ x 1” strips, block, 4 ½ x 1” strips, etc. Attach the long 4 ½” strip cut earlier to finish off the border. Press towards the black. Attach to the sides.

Repeat using 4 blocks for the top and bottom of the quilt. Attach and press well.
And now for the most loved/hated words in any pattern, baste, quilt and bind!
Viola! One 49x58” throw quilt!

Click here to get the kit to make BOTH quilts for only 80.00! (retails for 110.00) at Burgundy Buttons.

Using a different fabric?  Send us a photo of YOUR prayer!


  1. That's a GORGEOUS quilt!! Thanks so much for the tutorial :) I'll be checking back in to get this pattern down pat to make it. Great job!

  2. it is gorgeous Cara. It looks like stained glass. :)

  3. Thanks Cara! I love this one.

  4. Tracey took my words. I thought the same - looks like stained glass. I love it.

  5. Beautiful quilt Cara, thanks for tutorial. You could have had another Bake Shop recipe if you made it with turnovers, lots less cutting. :)

  6. Gorgeous! I think I have to make this for my mom's birthday with my Glam Garden layer cake and Kona Hibiscus.

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