Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy New Year!

It's that time of year, when we once again commit to extinguish bad habits and plunge into the new with a recharged sense of zest. We once again envision ourselves with tight tushies and toned abs, eating light, exercising daily, financially liberated and feeling fantastic.

And we once gain pledge to tackle that pile of fabric related projects that have claimed our sewing room, continually astounding us with the rate in which they seem to multiply. Will this be the year we complete them?

Once again!

What project do you have in the works?

My project is a particularly special one. As some of you know, my Mother died this past December. My mother was the most amazing quilter, I think she must have known every shortcut, every tidbit, every method, every guarded quilting secret there was. She had an amazing gift of putting colors together, ones I never would have been able to envision. She had owned a quilt shop for years where she was able to share her love and talent with others. After her death, one of the most heartbreaking, yet somehow comforting tasks I had to do was go through her "project shelves".

It's hard to describe how I felt as I pulled out, one by one, the giant Ziploc bags to see the project she planned to someday complete. Was it heartwrenched? Enlightened? It's hard to say, both. When it came to her project "packets", she gave new meaning to the term 'meticulous'. Each baggie had a pattern along with her planned fabric already cut to the correct yardage. To see the patterns that appealed to my mother, to see how she looked at a pattern and envisioned it in the specific colors, shades and prints that she selected. To see these things, it was like I was getting to know her better. It was almost like she was still there.

It was particularly difficult to come across the project entitled "Leah's Wedding Quilt". She had completed 35 blocks of the most beautiful neutral toned Log Cabin. It's what I had always wanted. No harsh colors, just creams and browns and all the comforting shades in between. And there they were, waiting to be lovingly assembled.

So my project? Finish my Mother's gift. And all of her projects for that matter. Suddenly hers have become more important than mine.


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