Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Little Inspiration

I mentioned yesterday that I love love love a Stitch in Color!  And I have finally decided what I will do with my charm packs!

Surely you've run across my good buddy Melissa over at Happy Quilting Melissa by now, and you may remember about a year ago she had her first Quilt Along.  It was cute, she had just gotten her EQ and was struggling a bit.  When she sent her EQ file to me, it said I needed about 20 yards of fabric!   Hmmm....strange things were afoot at the Circle K! (OK- that probably showed my age).

Anywho, I've kept coming back to that quilt along for a year now and finally realized I have JUST the perfect fabric sitting right here in my stash!

Isn't it PERFECT?  I love how the white squares contrast so greatly with the bright colors of Malka's fantabulous designs.

If you want the EQ file to audition your fabric,  click here.  (It's in EQ 7, so unless you have that it won't work). The EQ fabric requirements are off if you plan to follow Melissa's design, as she teaches you a quick and easy way to make the quilt using 5" charms.

I can't wait to get started, and I seem to have more time to sew these days.  After an injury during my latest hospital project I have an almost completely detached labrum, two other hip tendon tears, on crutches, limited driving and NO TRAVEL allowed!    Not sure if surgery or physical therapy is my near future, one of them is- but my Ortho has now referred me to his partner who specializes in hips.

I guess my days of pretty high heels are out for a while!

And head on over to Sew Red For Women's blog to see another bit of inspiration for this Free Tutorial!



  1. What a wonderful pattern. I have EQ7 and would love the file. I have a FQ kit of a Stitch in Color and this is perfect.

    1. Please email me for the pattern. (click on the words "email me" above"- thanks!

  2. What did you do to your hip?!? That's one heck of a way to get out of weekly travel. ;)


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